Useful Bookmarks

  1. – Great website around Enterprise Architecture with Salesforce. Blog dates to 2014, but still pretty relevant in terms of applying TOGAF to Salesforce Enterprise Implementation
  2. Flow at an enterprise level
  3. More to come as I surf through the wilderness of the Web…

The Journey Begins

Technical Architects wear a lot of hats, it’s a combination of sales, design, management and delivery all into one brain.

• Analytical to my approach to complex requirement : Zoom in, decompose, analyze, recompose, Zoom out.
• Mad Scientist to Master Chef Cook, willingness to determine a solution from several possible alternatives.
• From geeks to Executives, have the the verbal and written dexterity to describe ideas
• Passion for technology, but let business drive the technology and not let technology govern the business
• Layout the blueprint of the solution, and ability to facilitate and translate among different teams


macbook air beside printing paper
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